Iron Security Door

At American Window & Door Company, we offer residents in Memphis, Tennessee, and the nearby region the option of adding iron security doors to their homes. We have a variety of security doors in different finishes and styles to suit your tastes while adding that extra layer of security to your home. We supply quality products, so you can rest assured your door will protect your home for years to come.

Things that set our doors apart from some of our competitors and yesteryear’s products:

Our iron security doors are available in many styles, configurations, and customizable. Many models come with interchangeable screens for venting. They are also painted with a powdercoat finish, which is one of the strongest paint finishes applicable to metal. This finish is more scratch resistant and more rust resistant than others on the market.

Our doors come standard with iron mounting frames, therefore are twice as secure as other company’s aluminum frames and are equipped with high quality deadbolt locks.

They are standard with tempered safety glass and optional laminated safety glass, both of which are in an extruded metal glass frame. In comparison, other company’s use vinyl glass frames.

Benefits of Iron Security Doors

By purchasing our security doors, you get extra protection from those cold temperatures. The city receives over 50 inches of precipitation per year and is no stranger to severe weather, considering an average of 14 tornadoes hit here per year. Iron doors hold up well throughout all this, especially since wrought iron is fairly resistant to rust.

Security doors’ greatest benefit is the protection they provide from intruders. This advantage is particularly beneficial because of Memphis’ crime rates. Each year the city sees over 15,000 violent crimes and more than 36,000 property crimes.

You can choose the style of security door you want. In fact, we provide custom security doors, so you can select a design to match your tastes. Ultimately, our iron doors also increase the curb appeal of your home, and the aesthetic appeal is a vital factor regarding your home’s value.

Iron doors require little maintenance in terms of rust-resistance and resealing. Plus, they’re made to last. When you properly care for your iron door, it can last over 30 years or longer, especially with proper installation. When compared to other options, these doors are meant to last.

You may save money in the long run with this option when you consider you don’t have to pay for expensive maintenance and repairs, nor will you need to replace it soon in the future.

How to Care for Iron Doors

Proper care can keep your door looking new for longer and extend its lifespan in general.

How to Clean the Door

One of the most vital tasks of iron door care is cleaning it. This step keeps your door looking fabulous while preventing the accumulation of debris that could harm it. We recommend using a vegetable-based soap since it’s gentle and won’t harm your door. Use a lint-free cloth to prevent the fibers from sticking.

Dip the cloth into your soapy water bucket, and wipe the door down from top to bottom. By wiping this way, you prevent the dirty water from contaminating the areas you already cleaned. Then, use your garden hose to spray the exterior of the door. For the interior surface of your door, use another lint-free cloth dipped in water only to rinse it. You might want to use this process for the entire door, depending on the availability of a hose or its distance from your door.

Use a dry rag to wipe the door down and remove any excess moisture.

It’s safe to use a standard window cleaner on the door’s windows. Just wipe any dripped cleaner off the door’s surface.

How to Remove Rust

While these doors don’t rust easily, they can experience oxidation if they aren’t cared for properly.

For this process, dry the door thoroughly first. Then, use a rust-inhibiting primer on the entire door. Allow the primer to remain there per the manufacturer’s instructions. Once complete, apply the desired color of metal paint to the door.

Ameriwindow can also get a rust removal kit from our manufacturer. If you are interested in the kit please let us know.