Covers & Enclosures

Enjoy your patio on hot days and on rainy days. You can enjoy the outdoors without being cooked by the sun. Enjoy your patio without getting soaked on those rainy spring and summer days. Screened in porches are also a fantastic way to be the elements. There are a variety of color and style options with our aluminum patio covers and insulated patio covers. They are completely custom and made to fit your home and your goals. We can use the same cover systems to cover your vehicles to protect them from the damaging sun and rain.

  • Screen Enclosures & Glass Enclosures
    Would you like to enjoy the outdoors without all the flies and mosquitos? Or do you want a room you can enjoy all year long? With a patio screen enclosure, you'll be able to relax in peace or entertain family and guests while enjoying the fresh air without swatting at flies and mosquitos. With a patio glass enclosure, you will be able to enjoy your patio on those colder days and nights. Make your patio a great place to hang out while cooking out or just chilling out.
  • Commercial Covers
    We can also cover your entryways and walkways at businesses, churches, and schools. Not only do walkway covers and door covers keep the people coming in and leaving safe from the weather, they also help keep your doorways drier and cleaner on wet days.